2-4 Unit Investment

Over the years we have helped many clients buy and sell 2-4 unit investment properties. So much of this process is the same as the typical steps for buying and selling. We take the time to help you to find the perfect property. We connect you with mortgage brokers, lawyers and contractors to make the process seamless. We work as a team to get you past the finish line and make sure your closing goes off without a hitch! However, with an investment property we also want to make sure it’s a smart investment. This involves looking at rental units in the area and seeing what they are renting for so you can get a good idea of the market in the area. It also involves thinking about what kind of minimal changes we can make to the units to get you the best maximum return.

Let us help you put your money to work, it’s easier than you think!┬áCheck out some of the most recent properties we have helped our clients to purchase!!