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3 Flat 1437 Oakdale Lake View Chicago IL Mu Inves

City: CHICAGO ZIP: 60657

Built In: 1892

Lot Size: A

Lot Dimensions: 25X125

# of Units: 3

Unit 1 Floor G: 2 bedrooms 1 baths $1600

Unit 2 Floor 1: 3 bedrooms 1 baths $2100

Unit 3 Floor 2: 4 bedrooms 2 baths $3225

Detailed Listing Description

Awesome legal 3 flat with condo quality finishes in unbeatable Lakeview location! All units have been renovated within the last 6 years and include updated electrical and plumbing. The garden consists of 2 BR/1BA completely renovated with composite hardwood flooring, kitchen includes stainless steel appliances and granite countertops plus dishwasher and central heat. 1st floor is a 2BR+den/1 BA includes hardwood flooring, central heat and A/C, updated kitchen with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops plus dishwasher and a lovely deck right off the kitchen. Top floor is a 3BR+den/2BA duplex up with hardwood flooring, central heat and A/C, in-unit washer & dryer, updated kitchen with stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and dishwasher plus a dining nook. 2 car detached garage parking in rear. Across the street from Alphonsus Academy and in Burley School District. Walk to everything on Southport and Lincoln Ave corridors. 10 minute walk to the Wellington 'L' stop.

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Weston Harding

Weston Harding

President & Managing Broker

X Plus Team Member

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Additional Property Details

Garage & Parking
  • Gargage On SiteY
  • Gargage OwnershipA
  • Gargage TypeB
  • Number of Gargage Spaces2
  • ParkingG
  • Number of Parking Spaces0
  • Parking Fee/Lease Amount0
  • Tenant Pays Unit 1A
  • Tenant Pays Unit 2A
  • Tenant Pays Unit 3A
  • Appliances Unit 1A,B,F,J
  • Appliances Unit 2A,B,F,I
  • Appliances Unit 3A,B,C,D,F,I
  • Grade School District299
  • Jr High/Middle School District299
  • High School District299

Comparative Data

Zip Code Comparison: 60657

Listings in this Zip Code average: 3 to 4 units, and are priced at $1,088,824 to $1,836,727
This listing is 10% more than other 3 unit listings in this zipcode.

Neighborhood Comparison:
CHI - Lake View

Listings in this Neighborhood average: 3 to 4 units, with average prices of $1,039,522 to $1,694,786
This listing is 15% more than other 3 unit listings in this neighborhood.

Calculated Rents
Rental Income : Annual $83,100 Monthly $6,925
Rental Income Stabilized : Annual $87,312 Monthly $7,276
Price Units Price/Unit Cap Rate - Current GRM Cap Rate - Stabilized
Unit TypeCurrent RateStabilized RateCustom Rate
Monthly Total$6,925$7,276
Year Total$83,100$87,312
Net Operating Income$57,316$61,528
Amount Percent Rate Amortization Principal Interest Total Debit Services Monthly Debit Services Cash Flow Principal Reduction Total Return
Mortgage $14520 $40203 $54723 $4561
Total         $14,520 $40,203 $54,723   $2,593 $14,520 $17,113
Stabilized         $14,520 $40,203 $54,723   $6,805 $14,520 $21,325
Custom         $14520 $40203 $54723   $6805 $14520 $21325

MonthBalancePaymentPrincipalInterestEquityTotal InterestTotal Payments

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